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[Prepared By Peter]

Poor teaching styles can have a negative impact on students′ learning and engagement. Here are some examples of poor teaching styles:

1. Lecturing without interaction: A teacher who simply lectures without engaging students or encouraging questions can result in passive learning. Students may struggle to stay focused and may not fully comprehend the material.

2. Lack of preparation: Teachers who are unprepared for their lessons may not have a clear plan or understanding of the subject matter. This can lead to confusion and a lack of structure in the classroom.

3. Monotone delivery: A teacher who lacks enthusiasm or speaks in a monotone voice can make the classroom environment dull and uninteresting. This can negatively affect students′ motivation and engagement.

4. Over-reliance on textbooks: Relying solely on textbooks without incorporating other teaching methods, such as hands-on activities or multimedia resources, can limit students′ understanding and engagement with the subject.

5. Failure to adapt to student needs: Teachers who fail to address the diverse needs and learning styles of their students can leave some individuals struggling to grasp the material. It′s important for teachers to provide different approaches to accommodate various learning preferences.

6. Excessive focus on memorization: Encouraging rote memorization without fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills can hinder students′ ability to apply knowledge in real-life situations.

7. Lack of feedback and assessment: Teachers who fail to provide timely and constructive feedback or who do not assess students′ progress effectively may leave students unaware of their strengths and weaknesses, hindering their ability to improve.

8. Inadequate classroom management: Teachers who struggle with classroom management may allow disruptions to persist, leading to a chaotic learning environment that impedes students′ focus and engagement.

9. Inconsistent or unfair grading: Teachers who do not apply consistent grading criteria or who grade unfairly can undermine students′ confidence and motivation to learn.

10. Neglecting student involvement: Teachers who do not encourage student participation or fail to create opportunities for collaboration can limit students′ engagement and hinder their ability to develop important social and communication skills.

It′s important for teachers to continuously reflect on their teaching methods and strive for improvement to create a positive and effective learning environment for their students.

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Who can use schoolviewers school management system

School management system is a tool that helps institutions carry out difficult management tasks with ease with just a few clicks.

There are a lot of functions and advantages for using a school management system especially schoolviewers which includes Fee management, Homework, online test (CBT), report card, attendance and daily report,Free blog, results management, Notification board, all for free without any hidden fee. This can be used by the following below.

Creche: The creche is mostly children below three years old. The schoolviewers management system can be used for creche especially in the aspect of daily reports.

Teachers can take records of the duration pupil sleep from a certain time to another e.g 9 am to 11 am, numbers of time a pupil poo or urinate. This help to determine the health status of a child.

Nursery and Primary: Schoolviewers can be useful to these groups in schools in the aspect of fee management which will help parents access the school portal and make payment in time.

Also daily reports and attendance, free blog which will help schools create more information about them and also enlighten prospective customers to the school.

Secondary: The secondary section of the schools have more task to carry compared to others like primary, creche, nursery etc. The school management system is really necessary for secondary schools to meet up with school challenges.

The teachers will be able to give homework online at their convenient time, and students will do well to always check up on their homeworks. The result management is a big relief to schools as parents can print out results from their comfort zone. Schools can adopt an online test (CBT) which helps schools speed up their exam process.

The notification board can be used to pass information to a specific class online. Parents can track their children′s progress in schools by checking their attendance and other records available on the school portal with the help of schoolviewers.

In conclusion, parents, teachers, pupils, students, and other staff will benefit from the robustness of this tool. Schoolviewers is well-designed to meet up with the modern demands of school management. Sign up on to get started for free without any hidden fee.
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School fees management system with records

🌍 There are different challenges in running a school effectively. One of the challenges is making sure parents can make payment of school fee in time.

Most schools suffer when there is delay in payment of school fees. The money is used to run day-to-day activities to move the school forward.

Schoolviewers provides a platform where parents can access the school fees portal in time and make payments from their comfort zone and also keep records of their previous payments.

Sign up on and get the best school management system experience for your school.
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How to conduct online exams for students and get results rea

🌍 Having a large number of students in a school is an aspect that interests school owners. One of the aspects that becomes a tedious task for the school is conducting exams and marking scripts for a large number of students.

This was the case of one of the schools that came across schoolviewers. They like the idea of the online test (CBT). They can set the exams within a short time and also conduct exam and score ready immediately you submit the exam, that same day.

This was a masterstroke and solution that relieves them of the burden of conducting and marking exam papers for weeks. Kindly sign up on and benefits from this free school management system.
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How the result portal works for school

🌍 While introducing schoolviewers to a few schools in Akwaibom state, I met a principal who complained bitterly about how it has been difficult to compile and generate report card in time for students.

And most of the student are not staying in Akwaibom state. The parents have to come down to get their children results during the holidays which is stressful for the parents.

To make the matter worst, the school IT guy hijack the password of their previous result portal, and use that to extort money from the school for him to upload results which they stop about a year ago.

I introduce schoolviewers to the school.
The principal didn′t believe it is a free tool. He called the other staff of the school to come witness what I was showing to him.

Now they can compute their results and also keep records. Parents can generate and print out results anytime any day through the schoolviewer′s school portals.

You can sign up and also benefit more from free without any hidden fee.
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Free Educational Management Information System

Free Educational Management Information System

A free school management tool can help schools cut off many expenses used for the running of school management tasks. There are a lot of schools that would like to make use of the school management system but due to the high cost of the tools most institutions shy away from it. Most elite schools can afford it while the average schools feel reluctant to engage their school in the services. It is mostly available on software and websites. Some of this software does not contain all the management aspects of the institution. One needs to pay for different software to be able to carry out the complete school management system tasks. Here is a free educational management information system known as schoolviewers.


School Viewers is a completely free school management system for playgroups, creche, nursery, primary and secondary schools.
It provides a relaxing simplicity, yet the robustness of the best Educational Management Information System (EMIS) available.
It contains a lot of features that are beneficial to school management activities.

Free Result Management System
This feature helps to generate automated report cards per student for CA/Exams, which are printable and online accessible. This helps to speed up result compilation for the schools.
The E-portal can be accessed by Parents, Teachers, and even Students who can log in to their online portals for reports monitoring. This is helpful to monitor the progress of students.
Online Test (CBT)
Teachers can conduct computer-based tests for the students with automated grading in multiple-choice questions. With this development, exams can be conducted for large numbers of students at a given time. Results also can be generated instantly without errors.
The class (or subject) teachers can set assignments for students with pictures (if necessary). Students can easily go online and search for available assignments from their teachers depending on the subjects.
Notification Board
School administrators can easily target a notice at the specific classroom, school section, or the entire school to reach affected parents and students. It is easy to send messages to a particular section of students or parents.
Daily Report and Attendance
The daily report and attendance will entail the student′s arrival/departure time, and exchanges of other vital information between the parents and class teachers with other staff.
Payments Management
This will help cater to the stress of payment. It will help track students′ payment records with auto-generated invoices/receipts and handling of payments for school fees, uniforms, and textbooks … this will help the parents to know the number of school fees in time and also help them keep records of their fee payments.
Free Webpage & Blog
Your school gets a fully customized and presentable landing webpage, and blog for disseminating articles, news, and updates. Even if your school already has a website, it can still be integrated and can work hand in hand.

In conclusion, why not get a free school management system that is effective and robust? You don′t need to pay for anything but you get the best service to carry out your school management activities. Visit and get started.
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Importance of educational management information system

Importance of educational management information system

The role of educational management information systems in schools in this era can’t be overlooked. A lot of schools make use of different tools to carry out their management tasks to help ease their daily duties. To meet up with the modern institutional era, there must be a system to be more efficient in all aspects of school management. A lot of information needs to be passed from one source to another within the people involved in the school system from teachers, students and parents. There are different importance listed below.

Student management

One of the most important things to care for in school is the student life cycle. It needs to be well managed and monitored by school. An education management information system most importantly works focusing on the initial growth of students, making all the academic and administrative operations simple, systematic, flexible, and robust in every way. It should provide easy access to track their progress along with submitting assignments, checking their timetable, checking their results, and whatnot. All of these save their time providing them more time to focus on their studies and in-per

Effective communication and collaboration

Good collaboration between teachers and students helps to get good communication. Students, parents, and faculties need to collaborate and communicate properly to manage things in a better and more organized manner. An education management information system provides proper and easy management of academic and non-academic activities of the students. It provides a platform through which parents can contact the faculty anytime along with providing their feedback in the most effective way.

Library management

The school library is one of the most important areas of a school. Schools need to get a variety of books that are well suited to students in their instruction. Most libraries have thousands of books in their care. With such an amount of books available in the care of the librarian, it is difficult to be monitored. The educational management information system does have a section for library management where books can be available digitally. Students no need to visit the library physically but can check online and use any of the books they need. With this technology students can use the book any day, anytime and anywhere they wishes to stay and read the materials.

Report card management

Examination is one of the most tedious tasks for schools. Having records of students′ performance over a long period of time can be difficult to maintain or monitor. The educational management information system provides the platform where student results can be stored. You have avenues to report cards that you can enter into with the student data and the results can be printed out at any time needed. This will help in the entire exam preparation and process and scheduling of exams. Students′ results can easily be accessed by teachers and parents including the students who wish to know about their academy progress.

General Information about the school

A lot of information about the school will be seen clearly when visiting the portal. Schools will kike to retain their students and also increases the number of students in their institution. The platform is one of the best ways where one can get information about the admission process. So vital information about the school handling will be available for all to see. It can serve as a medium to get new leads to convert to a full time student in the institution. Also information concerning fees is very necessary for the school and parents who are eager to know what the school fees look like to help them plan ahead. A comprehensive information details will be made ready on the platform and steps to make payments.

Fee collection is one of the most important and primary sources of income for educational institutions, but having manual intervention fee management in most of institutions remains a hectic, messy, and time-consuming process. The educational management information system provides a solution to that herculean task.

In conclusion, most of these features are done on different management tools to carry out all of these tasks. Using schoolviewers will help you get all the features to carry out all these tasks in one source. With you get a free educational management information system with robust features that can cater for school modern information management.
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Schoolviewers Educational Management Information System

The educational sector needs to embrace technology, especially in the aspect of information. This is where the role of the Educational management information system (EMIS) becomes important to schools. Only affluent schools can take advantage of this development. This is where schoolviewers has come to aid schools irrespective of your little or no budget for an education management information system. With, schools can carry out great management skills with zero money spent.

Educational Management Information System
An educational management information system is a central hub for essential data, it′s a system used for collecting, processing, integrating, maintaining, and disseminating data and information to support decision-making, and policy-making to help improve and monitor school productivity.

Information on educational management information systems doesn′t come automatically on the system as someone must carry out the task of inputting the right information into the system. Education management information systems only capture information on children who are included in the school system. Even the most robust EMIS is unlikely to provide complete information on children who have never been included and those who drop out.

SchoolViewers is a free school management system that provides simplicity, and yet the robustness of the best Educational Management Information System (EMIS) available. provides the following features to make essential data for school ready on the go.

Result Management System
The result management system is for generating automated report cards per student including homework.
(printable and web-accessible)
This can be used by creche nurseries and primary and secondary schools.

Attendance And Daily Report
Schoolviewers help to monitor student attendance and report on how they fare in school. This will help parents understand how far their children are doing in the school without visiting the school physically.

E Portal
Schoolviewers is a general information Center for parents and teachers to get necessary information about their students and wards in the school. It is a simplified, centralized, and unified dashboard, which provides quick and easy access to information, functionalities, and facilities.

Personalize Dashboard
Schoolviewers provides an easy-to-use dashboard that is a significantly more efficient and user-friendly option than running a series of separate tools in unison, which are not designed to communicate or integrate. Customized, presentable landing webpage for the school.

SchoolViewers was engineered with highly efficient usability in mind, requiring minimal effort from the teachers and school administrators. A single admin may easily manage the school′s record system if needs be.
(Pre-templated score sheets can be downloaded per class, where the teacher simply enters the CA or Exam score of each student in the corresponding column, and uploads. Easy!)
All these features are very easy to use and absolutely free on our platform.

In conclusion, instead of paying for different education management information systems that will carry out different management services, it is ideal to make use of It is free and also can run different essential data all in one source.
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