Maths Competition 2nd Stage (written) holds tomorrow May 13

1st stage of Mathematics competition will be in C.B.T form. Primary 4-6 pupils and J.S.S 1 - S.S.S 2 are to log in with their admission number and passcode on the school portal. Deadline is 11:59p.m on Sunday 12th May.

The second stage will be a written test which will hold tomorrow, Monday 13th May.

1st stage (C.B.T) = 50marks
Written test = 50marks.
Total = 100marks .

However, Lower Primary Pupils (Pry 1-3) are to participate in only written test (100marks) on May 13 to qualify.

The best pupils/students will compete in Mathematics Quiz competition on Wednesday 15th May.

Parents are invited.
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