Lakeside English Medium Schools
We teach using modern ICT facility for reliable performance.
Our graduates are expected to demonstrate the 21Century skills in the society.
We are committed in building the nation by preparing good students who are ready to compete and excel in the fast changing world.
We guide and equip our students with necessary skills to address challenges of the future world while making the best moment in life.
We provide necessary amenities to fullfil students' needs academically, spiritually and culturally.

The School Administration urge parents and guidians to join their kids in Lakeside Academy where learners will meet their potentials on their journey of education. This institution operate in three principles:
1. To nurture Excellence of learners: To prepare pupils for best performance in future

2. Excel Now: To prepare pupils for best current performance in academic subjects and daily life.
3. To highlight performance in every pupil in his or her way to better life by fitting the Current world needs.
Lakeside English Medium Schools is the best school for Nursery and Primary schools with trained and qualified teachers to involve children in classroom learning and yield high performance in academic subjects and moral conduct.
The School teaches to competency building capacity equipping a learner to meet the current world challenges and prepare them for their Upper studies.
Lakeside School teach to religious conduct and African moral lifestyles.
We grade all skills ranging from Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective domains of a learner.

We are much honored to ensure that our graduates achieve the basic 21 st Century skills while moulding African traditions and abide learners with religion.

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